New year, new concept, new challenges: The Randonneurs Hongrie 2.0

The year of 2017 will be the year of changes and reformation at Randonneurs Hongrie. We can't speak about fine-tuning, it is a brand new system. Namely, every element of the tour series will be affected fundamentally by changes. The most important news is that we don't organize our tours as BRM tours in the future. The primary reason of the change is the inveterate, inelasticity and cumbrousness of the system invented decades ago. So it is hoped that we can initiate a more flexible and beloved system which enable more and more bikers to explore more and more places of Hungary. On bike, with great society.

"a more flexible and beloved system"

In the past six years, we have ridden more than 500 thousand tour kilometres. This is the result of 15 countries hundreds bikers performance. Our shortest tours were 200, the longest was 1400 km long. In 2017 we have 5 pieces of 50, 100, 150 and 200 km long tours. In addition, we organize a tour around Lake Balaton and 3 grandtours. You can participate on the latter tours as tourist and as performance-oriented tourist as well. The grandtours aim is to display the most important sights of the big regions of Hungary. On behalf of this plan the checkpoint of these tours will be attached to sights (castle, church etc.). Last but not least the longest performance tour will be the Hungary XXL. The participants of this tour will tour almost entire Hungary.

Our first event in 2017 is the tour around Lake Balaton. It is our sixth tour around the lake. Its name refers to the French roots of Randonneurs Hongrie. The name (Au bord de l'eau) means "along the water".

Our most popular tour is the Kiskunság Maraton. The participants of the longest course will connect Kiskunfélegyháza to Kalocsa with such sights during the tour as the house where Sándor Petőfi, the famous Hungarian poet was born, the historical centre of Kalocsa or Hajós Pincefalu (cellar village). The finishers of the 150 km long course won't go as far as Kalocsa, but they will also see the onetime house of Sándor Petőfi. In the case of the two "short" tours are Ópusztaszer (100 km) and Bugac (50 km) the main sights.

The Baranya Maraton is one of our favourite tours. Pécs, the Mecsek, Baranya and Tolna counties compose one of the most beautiful and diverse regions of Hungary with historical and natural sights, wine regions, serpentine road, famous spas and generally little traffic as well. We would like to show these aspects with different courses and contents.

The Bükk + Mátra Maraton is the most difficult tour among our 50-200 km long tours. With an increase in the distance the tour is also more and more difficult. The routes of the 50 and 100 km long tours lead only in the wonderful Bükk. These are relatively easy, but the 150 and 200 km long tours are real adventures. Because of it this tour is a real mountain tour with serpentine roads, viewpoints and mountain mood.

The Vértes + Gerecse Maraton is also an outstanding tour, not because of the difficulty, but because of the number of sights. Its central town, Mór, is a real small "jewelry box". The longest course builds around Zsámbék, Esztergom, Tata and Majk. And the shortest brings into focus the gentle slopes of the Bakony and the Vértes and the settlement of Csókakő as well.

The My Bakony tour will be organized on 1st July 2017. The centre of this event is Zirc, the small historical town, the capital of the Bakony. (At least the locals consider it so...) The tour concentrates on the sights of the Northern Bakony, including such famous settlements as Csesznek, Vinye or Ácsteszér.

Our last event in 2017 is the Hungary XXL. It contains 3 courses: a 300, a 700 and a 1800 km long performance tours. The participants of the longest tour will tour almost entire Hungary, the "700-ers" ride around the Northern Transdanube and the participants of the 300 km long tour the Bakony.

Last but not least we use a similar but not identical conception in the case of our grandtours. For the bigger flexibility it is possible to participate as tourist or performance biker as well. And for the more meaningful touring we settled the checkpoints almost without exception to famous sights (the church of Ják, the folk house of Kalocsa, the old village in Hollókő etc.). The designation of the routes also follows this conception. These tours explore Southern and Northeastern Hungary, the northern part of Transdanube and the Bakony as well. It is important to note that the latter two tours can be executed alone or in the course of the Hungary XXL. Moreover, it is better to be a participant in the Hungary XXL tour because of the social experience.

"progressed also by the achievable and motivating targets"

As every sport activity the performance touring is progressed also by the achievable and motivating targets. Because of it, similarly as in 2016, we are organizing the Randonneurs Hongrie Cup again. But in this year the cup has got four categories: 50, 100, 150 and 200 km. The finishers get a unique medal and a diploma as well.

We hope that our tours will give a lot of bikers a pleasant and joyful pastime and enable more and more bikers to replace the usual activities for something new and different.



About the main organizer: Ákos Székely-Molnár has organized in the last 6 years more than 40 performance tours as the main organizer of Randonneurs Hongrie. He finished successfully two superbrevets (1200 km long performance tours) in France and in Israel.


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